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Many years have passed since the darkness of Damians armies was repelled and Damian was banished into another realm by mans Demigod hero, the Divine. While men enjoy their first years of real peace, Damian breaks free from his bonds and returns to the world of Rivellon to take vengence on he who imprisoned him. To do so Damian takes control of the minds of the worlds rarest and most power beings: The Dragon Knights, whom he unleashes on to the world. It is one of them who kills the Divine. With the dragons now on the side of evil, many young men and women of Rivellon have taken up the role of ridding the world of these dragons – they are known as Dragon Slayers

Sequel to an award-winning Divinity RPG series, that makes use of the same classless system that was incorporated in earlier games, which allows you to choose your own path as you become a Dragon Knight.
For the first time, an RPG unlocks the power of the Dragon. Climb high and vaporize all that stands in your way as you strategically use both your human and dragon forms to defeat Damian and become the ultimate Dragon Knight.
Divinity II provides a wide range of moral choices while questing. When you make these choices, the consequences of your actions appear throughout game play, and keep the action exciting and intertwined.
Use of powerful Battle Towers, vast citadels accessible via the relic known as the Dragon Stone. The Dragon Stone allows you to teleport to the Battle Tower at any moment so that you can utilize the powers within.


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