Face Masks Spark Creativity In Japan

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It’s not easy to find disposable face masks in Japan. The ones issued by the government are too small. And so, people in Japan have been making their own. Some have been doing so in the most creative fashion.

Under the hashtag #自慢のマスクを見てくれよ (“Show the mask you’re proud of”), folks have been uploading their best do-it-yourself-masks. Here are some standouts:

Nintendo Switch face masks.

An animal-face face mask.

A koi fish banner.

This mask is shaped like a Milky candy.

Matching cat-face face mask.

This one is over 9000.


Subtle but on point.

Another Switch mask—awesome!

Japanese style patterns.

Cute masks made for kids (or large plush toys).

A Mario mask.

These masks feature wind god Fujin and thunder god Raijin so that their power can blow away this pandemic.

A sloth face mask, because working from home and 2020.

That’s Amabié stitched into the mask.

A fish-themed mask.

The Animal Crossing Switch version.

A tatami mask.


source: gamezpot.com

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