Sherri Shepherd Shows Off Dramatic Weight Loss In Gorgeous Bathing Suit Photos As She Celebrates A Wonderful Milestone

Sherri Shepherd recently celebrated her 53rd birthday, and she sure did it in style. The former co-host of The View took to social media, where she posted a few sizzling bikini photos that revealed her dramatic weight loss.

The Less than Perfect actress looked gorgeous in a blue and white bathing suit. The funny lady and TV host had her curly hair cascading on her shoulders, and her makeup was flawless.

She captioned the post: “Happy Birthday sweetheart from the east coast. Your bumps & bruises have been nuggets of knowledge that you’ve passed on those who love you and need you. You made it because deep down, you never gave up, you never gave in, and you never gave the devil a chance. This birthday celebration 🍾 is but another milestone in your journey. A journey filled with determination, love 💕, purpose, and validation. I am so proud to know you. Make this birthday 🎂 the best one ever! Love you, darling lady.”

One fan replied: “That’s a beautiful picture, but I love that nail polish see I got to go paint my nails now, and I have that Happy color birthday. You are amazing! Never stop entertaining ♥️I love to support every project you are attached to. Stay blessed 🙌”

Another supporter had this to say: “Happy Birthday, lovely! You look incredible, Sherrie. Happy birthday to you 💐💞🔥🍰🎂🎊🎉Wishing you Blessings and Prosperity!!! 💖🤩🥂🥳”

In a recent post, Sherri shared a sweet message about self-love that made her followers appreciate her even more.

She wrote: “I got big teeth .. absent-minded… quirky… forgetful… clumsy (I’ve walked into a few light poles😂)… I hate confrontation… don’t make my bed every day… mushy movies make me cry. But I am a loyal friend… love to laugh… here when you need me and will get on my knees to pray for you and will grab your hand and pray with you. I will make funny faces to make you laugh and will be your biggest cheerleader. I love to encourage you. I love tight hugs… the music inside my head may not match your flow, but then again… you have to be a little off-centered to get me. #ismile #musings #thegoodoutweighsthebad.”


Sherri is sharing a lot of wisdom.

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