Rezdôra Sells Its Pastas to Go

Before the pandemic, a reservation at Rezdôra was a challenge, and now it’s not possible to dine at Stefano Secchi and David Switzer’s year-old restaurant, featuring the food of Emilia-Romagna. But you can try a plate of the highly regarded homemade pasta, which impressed Pete Wells to the tune of three stars. Mr. Secchi is making it, along with sauces and even tiramisù, to go. The pastas include thick spinach pappardelle, thinner tagliatelle, eggless radiatore, classic spaghetti and pork-filled anolini, among others. Tomato sauce, and ragùs Modenese-style — with prosciutto, with duck or with wild boar — are some of the sauces, all in portions to serve two for $40. A lasagna Bolognese for two to bake at home is $38. Ten percent of the sale price is being donated to ROAR, a restaurant industry relief organization. Quantities are limited, and when something sells out, that’s it for the day. Pickup and delivery are available, and nationwide shipping is coming.

Rezdôra, 27 East 20th Street,


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