Maluma Reveals He Was Visibly ‘Nervous’ When Meeting Kendall Jenner

During an interview with Access Hollywood earlier this week, the singer-songwriter, Maluma, said he was “nervous” when he first met Kendall Jenner. The pop-star said everyone in the world knows that his “celebrity crush” is Kendall Jenner.

Maluma said, “she’s my crush!” According to the publication, Page Six, the 26-year-old singer first met the 24-year-old supermodel while working on Calvin Klein’s “Deal With It” promotional campaign. The performer said she must’ve noticed he was “crushing” on her.

According to Maluma, she looked at him and he immediately began to feel nervous. He’s sure she must’ve noticed how he was feeling. As fans of the pop-star know, he’s been single since the ending of 2019.

In October of last year, Page Six reported that he and his girlfriend, Natalia Barulich, broke up following two years as a couple. The 27-year-old said at the time that she and Maluma loved each other very much but they had to take time apart to work on their respective careers.

It wasn’t long before the singer-songwriter was seen hanging around Winnie Harlow in New York. A few months later, he was spotted kissing Vivien Rubin in Aspen, Colorado, but a source who spoke with Page Six claimed they were only “friends.”

Regarding his Access Hollywood interview, Maluma claimed he’s not interested in a relationship right now. He’d rather focus on the present and continue working on his career. The Colombian singer, who just dropped a brand new song on Thursday, stated he does have a dream, however.

He often thinks about having a girlfriend one day, having a family, and even getting married. The singer added, “but I think I’m too young for that.” Maluma went on to say that his career is just beginning and it wouldn’t be the right decision.


It’s clear the singer wants the love of his life. Near the ending of the interview, Maluma claimed he’d love to one day sing his new song for his girl. He wants to “grow old with that person,” but not now.

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