Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman are calling a truce for a good cause

The “Deadpool” and “Wolverine” stars, who have taken shots at each other in videos and tweets over the years, have decided to call a truce for coronavirus relief efforts.

The latest video opens with credits “inspired by X-Men: Origins Wolverine” and is “tolerated” by their wives, Blake Lively and Deb Jackman, for the All In Challenge. Everyone who donates to support America’s Food Fund during pandemic earns the chance to have Reynolds and Jackman fly to their home and assist their kids with selling lemonade at a lemonade stand.

“For one day and one day only, we’ve agreed to agree to not disagree,” Reynolds says in the video. “And only a pandemic could make that happen.”

The two pretend to like each other, while still disagreeing on just about everything throughout the video. At one point, an old black and white photoshopped picture pops up, showing the two have been at each other’s throats for generations.

“The Jackmans and Reynolds have been mortal enemies for as long as there have been Jackmans and Reynolds-es…es,” Reynolds jokes as the two talk over each other, roll their eyes and curse at each other.

source: cnn.com