Blac Chyna Gets Bashed For Promoting Coronavirus Protection Mask

Blac Chyna surprised her fans with a coronavirus-related post that she shared on her social media account. Besides saying that the US is bracing for the saddest week in terms of infected people and victims, the post that Chyna shared is also promoting a certain type of mask that protects against the novel coronavirus.

People bashed Chyna for turning everything into something profitable for her. Check out the post that she shared on her social media account below.

‘Up to 40% off @KN95ProtectionMasks with 95% Filtration! Order now and Protect Yourself! The cornonavirus pandemic — with a death toll amassing over 26,000 — is not yet under control despite measures to enforce social distancing. The number of cases nationwide climbed to 614,180 this week, according to data compiled by Wikipedia. The US surgeon general said it will be the “hardest and the saddest” week many Americans have ever faced,’ Chyna began her post.

Chyna continued and said: ‘Stay indoors as much as possible and Protect yourself! Order your Masks Now! 40% off at @kn95ProtectionMasks • #kn95protectionmasks #n95mask #kn95mask.’

A follower said: ‘You promote anything lol,’ and someone else posted this: ‘What a shame Blac Chyna would do such a thing during the quarantine.’

Another upset follower said: ‘Are you fr??? Do you know how many people are financially struggling rn??? there’s millions of more crucial needs than a follow from you, how insensitive.’

Someone else on the otheer hand said: ‘This is good promotion for this site to get people to buy these masks been seeing this everywhere.’

A commenter laughed and said: ‘KN95–Chinese bootleg. Shame on you for many reasons. Capitalizing off of this?’

Blac Chyna has been making headlines a lot lately and she’s been in hot water more than once.

For instance, she was recently photographed out and about while she was probably running some errands or going shopping.


Her fans were surprised to see her look, and a lot of them said that she doesn’t look like herself anymore.

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