Elizabeth Hurley’s Look-A-Like Son Damian Hurley Celebrated His 18th Birthday In Coronavirus Isolation

Elizabeth Hurley’s look-a-like son Damian celebrates his 18th birthday on April 4, 2020, and like many people across the globe, he was unable to celebrate in typical fashion. Instead, Damian took to his official Twitter account, where he has over 65,000 followers to vent about being unable to party due to the Coronavirus pandemic and the fact that he is in isolation. Though he didn’t say what kind of plans he had, he made it clear that he was disappointed that he wouldn’t be out partying with friends. Instead, on Friday night, he shared a sad photo where his long flowing hair was sprawled out below his shoulders and he held a mug next to his cheek. The room featured a bar with many bottles of alcohol on red shelves. A large mirror was on the wall behind him.

With his eyes closed and looking forlorn, Damian Hurley shared the following message.

“Isolation drastically altered the plans for my last night as a minor.”

You may see the photo that Damian shared below.

On Saturday morning, when it was actually Damian’s birthday, he seemed a bit happier and in better spirits. Though he didn’t get the chance to party with friends, he still seemed to be excited that he is now a legal adult.

Damian shared the following message along with a photo that saw the model kneeling in a field of wild, yellow flowers while cuddling a black dog on his lap.

IT’S DAMIAN DAY! Finally 18!!! It felt too strange to celebrate properly during such a terrible time out in the wider world (and social distancing meant there was no question of a party) so instead I’ve settled for running around a field euphorically because EIGHTEEEEEEN HURRAHHHH YAY ok enough now but BYE HAVE A GREAT DAY SEE YOU SOOOOOON 🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳

You may see Damian Hurley’s birthday photo below.

The Coronavirus has uprooted life across the globe and people worldwide are facing uncertain times. Social distancing is believed to be the most effective method to flatten the curve and stop the deadly virus’ spread.

While people across the globe are wishing Damian Hurley a happy 18th birthday, he may have learned his first and most important lesson of adulthood — sometimes it is better to put your health safety and first and your entertainment second.


Though it was hard, Damian did the right thing.

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source: celebrityinsider.org