Kim Kardashian has been in quarantine just like everyone else amid the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic and it looks like her favorite activity while stuck at home is to look through and organize her throwback photos. The Keeping Up with the Kardashians star has been sharing some of them as well and the latest such post really grabbed everyone’s attention!

The reason is that, looking at the old pic of Kim from back in college, it became apparent just how much she actually resembles her momager, Kris Jenner!

In fact, even Kim herself had ‘a lot of questions’ to ask herself while looking back at her college look; the fact that she used to look identical to her mom being one of the things that confused her!

The main reason she seems to be her mother’s twin is, of course, based on the genetics they share but what really made her able to pretty much pass for Kris in the end was her style at the time – more precisely, her makeup and haircut!

So Kim could not help but be amused and ask herself what she was even thinking back then.

The pic that features Kim posing with a friend shows off her side swept bangs which look just like Kris’ signature hairstyle!

Kim was also wearing what looks like turquoise eyeliner – very different from her go-to makeup these days.

In the caption, the mother of four wrote: ‘Found this pic of Allison and I from college and it made me LOL I have so many questions. What is this hairstyle? My turquoise liner?’

Soon after, many of her followers took to the comment section to react and it seems like they all had a blast laughing at how much Kim used to look like her mom back in college.


Here are a few of their playful reactions: ‘Kris Jenner???’ / ‘Lolol, I straight up through that was a tbt of Kris Jenner.’ / ‘I thought this was a young kris lol.’

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