Donald Trump opened up about the current COVID-19 quarantine during a new interview for Fox and Friends earlier today. That being said, the president also talked, among other topics, about how his youngest child, son, Barron, has been dealing with having to take online classed while at the White House due to the fact that schools are now closed.

That’s right! Just like everyone else, the 14 year old is doing his school work entirely at home while the country continues to practice social distancing to flatten the coronavirus curve.

As it turns out, Barron had no clear complains about having to attend online school while at the White House.

Trump suggested that this new situation actually suits Barron pretty well and went on to give more details about how he’s been adaption to it.

Towards the end of the 52 minute long phone interview, the Doland dished that ‘Well Barron’s not so unhappy. They said, ‘You can’t go to school’ and I wouldn’t say he sat up and complained about it.’

He then told Fox and Friends that he and First Lady Melania are ‘working with the school and the school gives lessons through the computers and the other means they have. They have a lot of different means, and all of those kids where Barron [goes to school], they’re learning.’

The President mentioned that because of the new strand of the Coronavirus, known now as COVID-19 spreading, even the educational system has been changing.

The rest of the interview had Trump opening up more about the terrifying situation that the United States are currently dealing with because of the virus as the numbers of cases keep increasing, America now being the epicenter of the worldwide pandemic.


The country actually struggles a lot because of a lack of facemasks a well as ventilator in hospitals but the president promised that he will do everything in his power to make sure that the death toll will be kept ‘down to the minimum number.’

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