At this point, there is absolutely no doubt that Chris Brown is what you would call a dotting dad. The star took to his social media platform of choice once again to share a new pic of his son Aeko!

This is not the first time and nor will it be the last since Chris seems to have turned his Instagram into a fan account of his two children.

The newest post features baby Aeko being as precious as always, this time while smiling in his sleep.

As fans know, Chris as well as his baby mama, Ammika Harris, have been updating everyone on the 4 month old baby’s growth and just his day to day infant life.

The pretty regular posts always manage to at least bring a smile onto people’s faces if not make them all melt from the cuteness overload.

Speaking of smiles, the latest pic the proud father posted shows baby Aeko sleeping with a huge smile on his face, probably dreaming of something great!

Chris thought the same thing it seems as he captioned the precious snap with: ‘Dream in COLOR.’

Unfortunately, pictures like this are almost the only way in which the dad can see his son during this time.

As you probably know, the 4 month old and his mom Ammika are actually still stuck in Europe because of the Coronavirus pandemic that has caused international travel restrictions and even bans.

Sure enough, Chris also cannot fly to Europe to see his offspring at this time, no matter how much he wishes he could.

In the meantime, Ammika has obviously been sending him a lot of photos and videos while they are apart, judging by Chris’ many posts featuring his baby boy.

Previously, Chris and Ammika kept the pregnancy, and then the baby himself, a secret!


However, ever since they decided to introduce him to the general public, little Aeko has become a big part of his mom and dad’s online platforms.

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