Joseline Hernandez’s reality TV series hasn’t even started airing yet but there is massive drama already, a report from BET revealed. Joseline’s Cabaret Miami follows Hernandez in the midst of operating a strip club with her experience as a former dancer as a guide.

The Love and Hip-Hop alum recently shared a preview of the new episode on the 28th of March, featuring some of the drama between employees of the venue. In the commercial, the tension between some of the women is on full display and it’s not pretty.

In the video, Hernandez, while referring to the incessant fighting between the women, assured that she was fully capable of handling the women in the club. While Joseline seems confident in her ability to run the show, it looks like she really is struggling to make it work.

As fans of the reality star know, Hernandez just started her brand new series, Joseline’s Cabaret Miami, and she’s doing everything she can in her power to make the operation run smoothly, but not everybody is a fan of her.

According to BET, Hernandez’s position as the boss doesn’t make other women in the venue happy. In fact, many of them are outright upset and refuse to take orders. One clip features Hernandez threatening women and also getting into a shouting match with a dancer.

The interviewer goes on to probe more information out of the club runner, but Hernandez shuts it down quickly. Hernandez’s problems with the club are only compounded by her other more personal issues, including her fight with Stevie J, whom she recently lost a custody battle with.

Shade Room picked up on a post from Marriage Boot Camp showing Joseline crying over the verdict whereby Steve took full custody of their child together, Bonnie Bella. Rob Collins reported that Joseline was incredibly upset over the news.


Many fans on social media took the reality star’s side, with many of them claiming Stevie never cared about their child, and he just wanted to win custody out of spite.

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