Toya Johnson shared a video that will be leaving a lot of fans in awe. Her and Robert Rushing’s baby girl, Reign Rushing, is making her dad a Chai latte, and the clip will definitely make your day.

Toya made headlines not too long ago when she celebrated Robert’s mom’s birthday.

Mrs. Shirley received an emotional message from Toya, who also shared a sweet photo on her social media account in order to mark this important event in the family. Toya and the whole family are social distancing.

Here’s Toya’s video featuring Reigny:

‘@reign_beaux made daddy a homemade Chai latte last night…. she killed me when she said is it spicy🤣🤣’ Toya captioned her post.

A commenter said: ‘As a teacher, I’m going to say I can tell you guys are great with communication. She’s two and states words like “sike and spicy “ and use the word in the correct form. Great job parents.’

Someone else posted this: ‘One thing about Reign she gone make you drink or eat whatever she says! & you have to! demanding diva.’

One follower wrote: ‘I loved that he still said “good job” even when she made a little mess while pouring it. Beautiful!’ and another fan posted: ‘Too cute! And I loved how there was no fussing about the small accident she made with it.’

Someone else said: ‘Awww, not is it spicy Reign? That’s right baby you have to ask first,’ and another follower wrote: ‘She asked him if he wanted more and he kept explaining the drink she probably made him another cup anyway… He Ain’t slick.’

A fan noted: ‘Parents really have a supernatural gift to decode baby language. Cuz I be like huh? You said what??’


A lot of people told Toya that she’s made their day by posting baby Reigny on her social media account.

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