As those that keep up with the royal family know, Prince Charles, as well as Boris Johnson, have tested positive for the new Coronavirus strand known as COVID-19. That being said, a lot of people are worried about the queen since she is 93 years old and, obviously, close to people infected.

Is Queen Elizabeth being kept in isolation properly or has she been in contact with her son or with the British Prime Minister?

In response to such questions from the public, Buckingham Palace has released an official statement about the Queen’s health and current situation, assuring the public that she is doing great and has no health issues at this time.

Apparently, she has been ‘following all the appropriate advice with regards to her welfare. Her Majesty the Queen remains in good health. The Queen last saw the Prime Minister on March 11.’

However, it was not made clear whether the Queen has already been tested or not.

After all, it is known that the virus has an incubation period of about two weeks, time during which people may not have any symptoms.

At the same time, even those who do get symptoms, they are generally flu-like so a test is important to determine whether or not the person has COVID-19.

The Prime Minister and the Queen have been in meetings together since the pandemic has started but have been practicing social distancing in the meantime.

As for Prince Charles, it has been reported that he is in self-isolation with only mild symptoms.

Apparently, he continues to do his royal work over the phone and has not been in close proximity to anyone else since the diagnose was made.


Queen Elizabeth and husband Prince Philip are not even at the Buckingham Palace at this time and are instead, at their palace, in quarantine, where they have been since March 19.

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