Keke Palmer Reveals That She Only Dates Outside Of Celebrity Circle

There’s no question that dating is hard, even for the masses, but it only gets worse when you’re a celebrity. According to Billboard, Keke Palmer sat down with reporters from Bazaar and discussed what it was like to be in her shoes, however, she didn’t reveal too many details about her dating life.

In their latest interview though, Keke did share what it’s like to date as a celebrity and why she refuses to post about the men she’s dating on social media.

Even though Keke has used Raya a few times, the dating application for those working in the entertainment industry, Palmer says she prefers to date regular people. Keke added that when she did use Raya, it seemed a lot more like networking than anything else.

Palmer said in the interview that she has always had the “same philosophy” regarding men and dating. According to the star, it’s best to date someone who doesn’t work in the same industry as her, because it only complicates things.

Sadly, Keke claimed being a celebrity makes friendships a lot harder too because one always has to ask whether or not the other person truly likes them or not. It’s hard to distinguish between a person who’s truly your friend or someone who just wants your connections.

Keke claimed that while a celebrity might be a great person, there is always the thought that other people like you only because they want something from you, rather than because there is a sense of mutual respect and connection.

Regarding why she doesn’t post about men on social media, Keke admitted she doesn’t know how to go about it in such a way where it doesn’t come off as cheesy and annoying. Palmer added that it “doesn’t really come naturally” to her, so why bother forcing it?


As most know, relationships between celebrities are commonly thought of as being “official,” once they post about each other on the ‘Gram, however, when things fall apart, both parties usually delete all old photos, videos, and memories.

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