Toni Braxton seems to have also celebrated Tamar Braxton’s birthday as well. Judging by the message that she shared on her social media account, it seems that Toni met with Tamar and had a break in quarantine.

But she also criticized Tamar and said the following:

‘@tamarbraxton completely RUINED quarantine break sister day…she didn’t have a mask or gloves, and she wanted to use ALL OF MY @unclebuds_hemp HAND SANITIZER, but no my sista ya gotta get ya own!,’ Toni captioned her post.

A follower said: ‘I ordered my family some today!!!! Thanks for sharing,’ and one fan freaked out and told Toni: ‘You have Lupus….high risk! Go home!!!’

A follower called Toni rude for saying this about Tamar, but one other fan hopped in the comments with the following argument: ‘a no it’s not really. It’s just taking precautions. People with lupus are very susceptible to getting this because of their low immune systems.’

One fan posted: ‘“No, my sista ya gotta get ya own” 😂 I know that’s right.’

Someone else wrote: ‘I love you @tonibraxton but didn’t they say that this is not a time to meet up with family and friends we must take this quarantine serious you do it then everyone will think it’s okay to do it because their favorite celebrity has done it.’

One other back said: ‘Big sister Toni didn’t @tamarbraxton say you can’t drive!!!! She should be picking you up!!!’

Someone else also shaded Tamar and wrote: ‘sister is crazy lol u have lupus you should’ve just invited her to lunch.’

Another follower told Toni: ‘Have fun!!! YOU STAY PREPARED!!!! Just like when you went to that water park on BFV lol! Stay safe y’all.’


Not too long ago, Toni made her fans freak out when she told them that she got a little sick.

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