Tiny Harris shared a couple of videos featuring her and Tip’s baby girl, Heiress Harris while she is showing off her dancing skills. She is four years old, and Tiny has started posting about the huge anniversary on her social media account of choice, Instagram.

Tiny and her whole family are spending their days at home and they are trying to have as much fun as possible to take their minds off the massive crisis that the world is flooded with.

‘It’s almost my Sunshine @heiressdharris birthday so I’ll be loading my page with my Blessing!! Quarantine 4th birthday celebration @caitlinjody_been staying down wit us!!’ Tiny captioned one of the videos.

Someone said: ‘Sure you already know this and see this, but she definitely has “IT”!!!’ and another follower posted this: ‘Regardless of the dance she knew when to grab that soap.’

Someone else posted: ‘They both are cute, but that little one is so smart…’ and another follower gushed over baby girl Heiress: ‘Lmbooooo this is the best thing I’ve seen ALLLLL day! Little sunshines.’

One follower said: ‘I love her, I swear. Her personality is everything, and she’s so smart. @majorgirl and @troubleman31 yall doing an awesome job.’

A fan told Tiny: ‘She reminds me so much of my daughter lol this is so cuteeeeee,’ and one other commenter posted this: ‘Awwww this is toooooooo cute && she was on point and ready @majorgirl.’

Someone else wrote: ‘Happy Birthday Heiress! 💫🎈 I’ll send you a gift after all this scary stuff is gone!’ and a commenter said: ‘Omg the way Heiress killed it & then was so hype for everyone else to go! LOVE HER! TOO CUTE!’

In other more mature news, the Xscap3 singer teased her fans with a recent post that she shared on her social media account of choice, Instagram.


She is somehow hinting at the fact that all this social distancing and staying at home with T.I. might lead to a surprise.

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