The “Little Fires Everywhere” star and his wife, model and “Queen & Slim” star Jodie Turner-Smith, are expecting their first child.

“I’ve never been a parent before, so I’m not quite sure how much of this is just first-baby anxiety and how much of this is pandemic anxiety,” Jackson said.

The couple married in 2019, and Jackson said staying home to help stop coronavirus from spreading hasn’t been as difficult since they are in the “nesting” phase of the pregnancy anyway.

“The only real difficult part right now is how to interface with the medical community,” he said. “Obviously we have to, and we are just trying to take that one day by day, to try to figure out what the best and healthiest way is.”

The “Dawson’s Creek” star also has the added pandemic-related stress of having a brother who is a New York City emergency room doctor.

“I think about him a lot, being in a hospital all the time,” Jackson said.

Jackson’s “Little Fires Everywhere” costars Kerry Washington and Reese Witherspoon have helped him in the run-up to becoming a dad, he said.

“In the very beginning, I was like, ‘Who did I go to as an OB? What are the things I need to know now?'” Jackson said. “But also, as it got a little bit deeper into it, just, like, ‘How do you integrate your home life?””



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