Mobile Suit Gundam Battle Operation 2’s new Battle Simulator mode launches this week

Pilots! Assemble your Mobile Suits and prepare to dive into the battlefield with the new Battle Simulator mode! While this mode delivers a new option for solo play, you also have the freedom to interact with others in a co-op, with up to 2 other friends. We won’t leave you behind, so to get you ready for battle, we’ve put together some notes.

Co-op Play:

  • Select NPCs or your friends to be on your team
  • Fight for survival as a team of 3 and fulfill missions

Battle Simulator Missions:

Experience original work!

Select from your favourite Mobile Suits from the “Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam” series (Zeta Gundam, Type-100, Rick Dias) and clear the stage by passing through multiple phases.

Test your skills with the aforementioned Mobile Suits even if you don’t own them, just try them out! Defeat the final Boss to complete the mission.

Gundam Battle Operation 2 on PS4Gundam Battle Operation 2 on PS4


Challenge yourself to defeat hordes of enemies!

Show off what you got by defeating enemies in the fastest record clear time! Enemies will gradually multiply and become stronger, so bring out your A-game with your best strategy (and choose your friends wisely). Survival of the strongest!

Gundam Battle Operation 2 on PS4Gundam Battle Operation 2 on PS4

Defeat special foes – and a big bad boss!

Fight special enemies, such as PSYCHO GUNDAM and its companions! Annihilate the Boss to succeed.


So there you have it, pilots! With this new Battle Simulator Mode, we’re sure you’ll have a blast in your fight for justice! Suit up – the fate of the Gundam universe depends on you on 26th March, 2020.