Even the UK’s gorillas are stockpiling to get through the coronavirus crisis

The gorilla was cradling a pile of vegetables in her arms (Picture: Miriam Hass/Caters)

These hilarious pictures appear to show the animal kingdom is picking up on the craze for stockpiling.

Miriam Haas was visiting Bristol Zoo last week when she caught
the gorilla cradling a pile of vegetables in her arms, and refusing to share
his food.

The nurse said she couldn’t believe the resemblance to the
current stockpiling habits of thousands of Britons around the country.

Since the coronavirus outbreak, people have been panic buying loo roll and other essentials, which has left many supermarket shelves entirely empty.

Miriam Haas, 58, caught the gorilla in the act at Bristol Zoo (Picture: Miriam Hass/Caters)

Miriam, 58, was visiting the zoo on the last day it was open
to the public before shutting down amid a natiowide coronavirus lockdown.

She snapped the 15-year-old gorilla, called Kera, and shared the pictures to social media.

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She said: ‘Seeing Kera gathering as many vegetables as she
could carry made me think about all the panic buying photos that are all over
social media at the moment.

‘I couldn’t believe it so had to take a picture of her. This
was the last day the zoo was open, it has now closed due to coronavirus.

‘My favourite picture is the one where she looks like she’s thinking “damn, caught in the act”.’

Supermarket shelves have been emptied amid panic buying during the pandemic (Picture: Reuters)

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