Gabrielle Union, who is self-isolating, took some time to delight her numerous fans with some sweet photos of her lovely family.

In the images, the L.A.’s Finest actress is all smiles surrounded by her husband, retired NBA star Dwyane Wade, daughter Zaya, and baby Kaavia.

While most people were happy to see the pictures and forget about the coronavirus pandemic for a little moment, a commenter decided to stir some trouble by saying something insensitive and inappropriate.

The person wrote: “Great to see parents hanging out with their son and daughter.”

The remark was followed by a deluge of attacks and clap-backs from devoted fans.

A thoughtful reply read: “Why do you care what a child has in her pants? That sure looks like a pedophile to me….you might want to change your statement. You don’t want people getting the wrong idea.”

It is clear that the family is a picture of love and closeness that serves as inspiration for some.

Wade, a very proud father, recently opened up about his child, Zaya, by saying: “When our 8-year-old daughter, Zaya Wade, came home and said she had something to tell us, when she came out to us, as a family, we admitted that weren’t as educated about the LGBTQ+ plus community as we should have been.”

He went on to praise her journey: “They also reminded us to make sure Zaya knew her community and felt the love and support inside and outside from home. From working closely with Zaya to design her room in our homes to make sure that her most authentic self was represented and that her bedroom felt like her sanctuary. Now, that may seem small, but taking the time to make sure Zaya felt seen and heard as she created her own space for us was key. It was key to Zaya’s comfort and her confidence.”

He also shared: “I watched my son, from day one, become into who she now eventually come into. And for me… nothing changes in my love. Nothing changes in my responsibilities. So, all I had to do now is get smarter, educate myself more. And that’s my job.”


The love seems real for this little clan, and Union plays a crucial role in keeping all the different pieces together.

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