Drawful 2, a party game about terrible art, is free to keep on Steam

Drawful 2 is a party game about drawing terrible pictures and having your friends guess what they’re meant to be. It’s apparently pretty good for a laugh: James was talking it up just last week. It’s by Jackbox Games, the creators of Quiplash, Fibbage and You Don’t Know Jack.

In an example of brilliant timing, the game is currently free-to-keep on Steam, which means if you add it to your account before April 11 you’ll get to keep it forever. It’ll prove a nice antidote to some of the more stressful current phenomenons in the world, such as Doom Eternal Slayer Gates, to name just one.

As many around the world self-isolate to try to curb the spread of coronavirus, a lot of studios and publishers are offering steep discounts and free games. Tomb Raider is currently free-to-keep too (though not for much longer), and World of Warcraft is doling out a 100% increase on XP for the next month. Meanwhile, the Stay Inside Bundle offers $160 worth of games for just $20. 

source: gamezpot.com