The actress feels and looks amazing and she can’t stop showing off the results of her hard work on social media. Rebel Wilson is currently in self-quarantine just like everybody else but she’s obviously reminiscing the better days, more precisely her memorable 40th birthday at Disneyland surrounded by her best of friends.

The star has lost a lot of weight and she often takes to social media to proudly show it off.

This time was no different since the pic she posted was pretty recent and she was wearing that little black dress she’d also shown off online on her birthday.

Rebel can be seen smiling brightly while holding her cake that reads: ‘Happy Birthday Rebel.’

Furthermore, she looked cute with a pair of Mickey Mouse ears that were sequin and also decorated with a fake B-Day cupcake!

As for the dress that looked so great on her, it was a boat neck style and had three-quarter length sleeves.

In the caption, she joked that she was ‘still digesting this cake,’ before asking her followers what they had been doing in self-quarantine.

As mentioned before, the photo was actually a throwback from her birthday trip to Disneyland with close friends, including Property Brothers’ Drew Scott, actress Carly Steel, as well as TV host Marissa Montgomery, to just name a few well-known names.

It was a truly special birthday for her as the actress pulled all the stops and spent no less than $15,000 only on the ultra-exclusive 21 Royal Suite at Disneyland.

The fantasy room is located above the Pirates of the Caribbean ride and used to be known as the Disneyland Dream Suite.

It used to be closed to the public but now, whoever is willing to pay $15K for a night there, is free to do so!


Amid the Coronavirus quarantine, it makes sense that the actress would look back at that amazing celebration of her big 4-0.

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