Kandi Burruss May Make New Music — Some Fans Are Conflicted While Others Think She Is On The Masked Singer

Kandi Burruss is the Real Housewives of Atlanta star with the highest net worth. This is due partly to her music career where she has found more than one way to make cash flow.

Kandi is a member of Xscape. The girl group that reached their height of success in the 90’s. However, the real cash cow is the royalties that the singer makes from writing multiple hits for other artists.

The RHOA star could probably retire on just the checks that she still receives from writing TLC’s biggest hit ‘No Scrubs.’

Not to mention the recent reunion of Xscape that toured America and her uber-successful burlesque show.

Lately, fans of the reality star are suspicious that she’s up to something no one saw coming.

After listening to The Night Angel on popular guessing game The Masked Singer, there’s no doubt that Kandi is under the costume due to her unique voice.

As most people have been bunkered down in order to flatten the curve of the COVID-19 virus, they are finding other things to do with their time at home.

Burruss recently posted a clip of a song and captioned it: ‘Well if I’m quarantined I might as well write songs.’

A RHOA fan page reposted the snippet where fans shared their thoughts.

While some are here for the businesswoman making new songs, others think that she works best writing lyrics for other people.

One commentator wrote: ‘I’m sorry she needs to stick to writing. She’s a great writer but singer no mam! Stick to what you know Kandi’

Another added: ‘one thing you can always bet is that Kandi can make a hit song.’

This fan wrote: ‘You have a beautiful voice Kandi. Keep doing what you’re doing.❤️’

While this follower said: ‘None of Kandi songs she writes for herself are hits. Only the ones she wrote for others lol .. yes we all know she’s rich 🙄🙄🙄🙄 but that’s voice is very poor lol.’


Would you listen to new music by Kandi?

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