Just like pretty much everybody else, Eminem’s daughter, Hailie, has been in self-quarantine and it looks like she’s losing motivation to even dress up from head to toe for her Instagram page. The influencer took to her platform to show fans that while she had put together an outfit for pics, she was just wearing slippers on the bottom part.

Furthermore, she also updated everyone on how she and her pet dog had been doing in isolation and it sounds like they are both desperate for some time outside.

The post featured several mirror selfies and the 24 year old looked as gorgeous and as in shape as ever.

She was obviously still holding onto her fashion but refused to put on a full outfit if she was not going to go anywhere in it.

Hailie rocked a leather bomber over a graphic t-shirt, paired to perfection with a pair of fitted skinny white pants.

In the caption, she lamented about the quarantine, writing: ‘Self-isolation day….7? i want to hang out with my friends as bad as lottie wants to go outside and i refuse to put on full outfits to take pictures.’

Sure enough, her adorable dog was in the background in the second snap, looking out the window at the still world outside.

She went on to remind her 2 million followers that: ‘But seriously it’s so important to stay safe and healthy and social distance/stay home right now! the sooner everyone is on board, the sooner we can stop the spread of this virus and get back to as normal as possible!’

It’s great to see that the Instagram model is taking the pandemic seriously and using her platform to bring awareness.

This comes after she also poked a little fun at it a bit earlier in the week in another post’s caption: ‘At the corner of wash your hands and don’t touch your face 🙂.’


The pic she’d posted showed her posing at an intersection.

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source: celebrityinsider.org


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