Sam Smith Reveals The Three-Step Emotional Breakdown Of Self-Quarantine

Sam Smith is finding the self-quarantine aspect of the worldwide coronavirus particularly challenging. Page Six picked up on a post recently from the singer-songwriter in which he jokingly revealed three different pictures designed to show the three stages of the average self-quarantiner’s psychology.

On Thursday, Sam dropped three posts along with the caption that read, “stages of a quarantine meltdown.” The Sun reported earlier this week that the singer has been staying in a 5-bedroom house in London that’s worth around $14 million.

Smith recently explained on the platform that he has been “bored s**tless” since the COVID-19 virus first began to spread and the government unveiled a two-week program designed to “flatten the curve” – as experts have described it.

In Smith’s post on Wednesday, he wrote that he was suffering from allergies and a headache, so he chose to stay inside just to keep himself safe. Smith went on to urge his followers to stay safe and is hoping they’re all doing ok.

According to the singer-songwriter, he’s very worried about his grandmother at the moment. As most know, the influenza virus is most aggressive against senior citizens and people with compromised immune systems and pre-existing conditions, for instance, diabetes.

Sam went on to urge his fans and followers to take the precautionary measures and drink plenty of water. It looks like Sam may have taken the signal from the surgeon general, who recently urged social media influencers to use their platform for the public’s good.

During his appearence on Good Morning America, Jerome Adams called on stars such as Kylie Jenner to help encourage young people around North America to stay behind closed doors.


On the show, Adams claimed that he has his own kids, and he’s more than aware of the way in which children and teenagers are often not inclined to listen to the advice of their parents. This is where social media influencers are expected to chime in. Kylie Jenner did the same thing soon after as well.

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