The Young And The Restless Actor Has Coronavirus Symptoms But Can’t Be Tested!

One of the scariest things about the currently circulating Coronavirus is that you can have the virus but not display any symptoms. This makes people who are displaying symptoms, such as Greg Rikaart, even more uneasy than they already have been feeling.

The Young and the Restless actor has been feeling sick lately. His symptoms included a wet cough, tight chest, and low-grade fever. These are all mild signs of the respiratory illness.

In an effort to make sure that he doesn’t pass his sickness on to his family, the actor that portrays Kevin Fisher is self-isolating.

Rikaart explained that the week before, he was prescribed a z-pack and told that he was having seasonal allergies.

As the symptoms worsened, he went to three doctors who refused to test him for COVID-19.

Ultimately, Greg was able to get a teledoctor appointment that advised him not to go in person to a facility unless his symptoms worsened.

He explained the frustration: ‘So, here’s the update I just had a doctor come to the house. I don’t have the flu. I’m still running a fever of about 100 [degrees], but she doesn’t think I have the coronavirus — even though I couldn’t be tested because she didn’t have any kits. There’s no kits. But my oxygen level and my blood [tests] were good. I haven’t had any shortness of breath, thankfully. So, there’s the update; hopefully, my fever breaks in the next day so I can go back to being a dad. But, for now, I’m still holed up in my room. Thank you. Stay well. Stay safe. Stay inside. Love you all, thanks.’

Currently, there are not enough testing kits to use on anyone who is showing symptoms. The ones available are being preserved for people over 65 and people who are meeting all of the criteria for a possible Corona case.


The soap opera, along with three others, has halted production until this pandemic is over.

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