Cardi B Shows Her Real Hair And It Will Blow Your Mind

Cardi B has shown her real hair on Twitter and people are freaking out. The “Bodak Yellow” singer is known for her many hairstyles and wigs of varying lengths. While many people who wear a lot of hairpieces and wigs have short hair, Cardi B is blowing people’s minds by showing that her hair is far from short — in fact, Cardi’s hair is long and voluminous. After people saw the video that Cardi B shared on Twitter many are saying that they think Cardi looks best with her own, real hair! The video that Cardi B shared has gone viral and has more than 1.1 million views.

Cardi B shared a video of herself as she was showing the audience her real hair and spoke with amazement in regards to how much it has grown. What many people were stunned by is how thick Cardi B’s hair really is, especially with the type of wigs and hairpieces she wears. It isn’t unusual to see Cardi B wearing a short, sleek chin-length bob or long hair that reaches down to her waist.

Cardi stood in a white robe and it appeared she was in a bathroom as she ran her fingers through her hair and showed the world how much it has grown.  You may see the video of Cardi B showing off her hair’s growth in the video below.

This isn’t the first time that Cardi B has showed off her natural hair. She shared a photo of herself with her daughter Kulture on her first birthday and showed off her natural hair in the photo. Even then, fans quickly sounded off to let Cardi B know that they loved her natural hair and thought she looked gorgeous.

You may see the photo that Cardi B shared on her official Instagram account, where she has 59.9 million Instagram followers below.

Cardi B also shared a photo of herself from four-years earlier where she was showing off a shorter, natural hairstyle. It seemed clear that Cardi B was proud of her hair growth. You may see the photo of Cardi B with shorter hair in the picture below.

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