Technological Innovations That Aim To Make Roads Safer For Everyone

An estimate of 1.3 million people are involved in car crashes every year. According to the World Health Organization, an additional 20 to 50 million people experience non-fatal injuries because of road accidents, with most of them left with a disability because of it. Today, car manufacturers as well as innovators are looking for ways to reduce the total number of road accidents as much as possible.

One method being used is the application of active safety technology on vehicles to help reduce car crashes. From here, we are seeing several technological advances that are being developed that may help make roads safer for everyone.

Immediate Car Crash Detection

According to FVF Law, although there are car accidents that result in minor injuries, the result of a crash can often be life-altering. This is where having vehicle communication technology can help. This system will be able to send out a notification of the crash to the nearest emergency response unit to get immediate help. It can also inform other drivers that a car crash has occurred so they can take appropriate measures to avoid adding to the collision.

Smarter Traffic Signages

Traffic signs may not be visible for everyone to see, with some drivers even forgetting what they mean. Unfortunately, this leads to car accidents that could have been prevented with the help of the road signs. That said, a proposal for “smart signs” has floated recently with the goal of signaling a car’s receiver of what the road sign means. The driver can receive the information through a display on their car’s dashboard or through voice alert. This solution will not be affected by the weather or lighting which can increase one’s safety while driving.

Safety Technology for Intersections

Crossing an intersection can be tricky as you will never know if other vehicles will be approaching until it is too late. Although there are traffic lights installed, having safety technology installed in the vehicle can help too. This particular tech can combine sensors as well as cameras to determine if there is incoming traffic or a pedestrian even. It is also possible to use this technology to adjust the light timers to help with the incoming flow of traffic in the intersection.

Traffic Violation Detection and Notification

Another technology innovation that may help roads become safer is the automatic transmission of information when a violation has occurred. The combination of camera surveillance as well as sensors can help determine if a driver violated any traffic rules and will notify them immediately. The automatic notification will be recorded into the vehicle’s black box, which prevents the driver from making excuses.

Car manufacturers and innovators are often coming up with safety measures to keep everyone on the road safe. Today, we are seeing some smart technology being incorporated into vehicles to help keep drivers aware of their surroundings. Hopefully, these innovations will be developed and added into our cities, to make roads safer once more.