Meghan Markle stuns in series of sexy looks in unearthed pics from past film roles

He’s too wrapped up in his romantic entanglements to notice her checking him out, at which point her character Natalie turns her attention to his business partner and starts flirting with him.

Her part lasted under a minute and, though she’s named in the scene, she was listed only as “Hot Girl” in the end credits.

Meghan’s acting CV was previously unearthed, showing her A Lot Like Love character dubbed: “Natalie ‘Hot Chick’”.

The resumé also featured the now-royal’s “special skills”, listing: “Fluent in Spanish, French proficiency, dialects (Southern, French, Spanish, Argentine), kickboxing, tap dance, ballet, jazz dance, musical theatre.”

As well as a number of relatively small film roles, Meghan also appeared in several TV shows.