Tesco Mobile customers get a speed boost to rival EE and Vodafone

Tesco Mobile is bringing 5G to its customers as it takes the fight to the likes of EE and Vodafone. This major upgrade will mean those using this popular network will now be able to access downloads at much quicker speeds when away from Wi-Fi. In fact, connecting to 5G should allow users to beam a full HD Hollywood blockbuster to their phone in under two minutes – the same download will take over 10 minutes via 4G.

Tesco Mobile says it is launching 5G this week in 24 cities across the UK with areas such as London, Glasgow, Leeds, Bournemouth and Wolverhampton all getting access.

Prices for 5G will start from £15 per month on a SIM-only plan – that’s for 5GB of data plus 5,000 texts and minutes.

If you want more data then Tesco is also offering 100GB for £30 per month.

Along with those SIM-only plans, there’s also some of the latest 5G-ready handsets available on Tesco Mobile’s new 5G signal.

Devices that can be purchased on contract include Samsung’s Galaxy A90 5G and the new Galaxy S20 with prices starting from under £30 per month.

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Speaking about the update Tom Denyard, CEO at Tesco Mobile, said; “Today marks an exciting step for Tesco Mobile as we bring the latest technology to our customers. We’ve taken the time to be in a position to offer great value tariffs, making 5G accessible to everyone – all with the added perks of being part of the Tesco family.”

Here’s a full list of locations that Tesco Mobile is launching in: Belfast • Birmingham • Bradford • Brighton • Bristol • Cardiff • Coventry • Derby • Edinburgh • Glasgow • Leeds • Leicester • Lisburn • Liverpool • London • Luton • Manchester • Newcastle • Northampton • Norwich • Nottingham • Sheffield • Slough • Stoke-on-Trent.


Depending on where you are in the country it’s possible to get an average 4G speed of around 20-30Mbps.

That’s as fast as most fixed-line broadband and would allow you to download an HD movie in around 20 minutes.

If you are very lucky, it is possible to get 4G speeds of around 400Mbps although this isn’t something many consumers will have ever experienced.

5G takes things to a new level with average speeds expected to exceed 100Mbps.

It’s also very likely some users will experience speeds nearing 1Gbps with a HD movie downloading in under 40 seconds.

On a recent test performed in London, Express.co.uk managed to see speeds of over 300Mbps.

source: express.co.uk