Google maps catches man in very odd position on deserted beach – what is he doing?

Google maps has left one man in Spain red-faced after catching him out at the beach. Pictured alone on a hot day, the man clearly did not realise he was being filmed by Google.

This is not the only private moment on a beach caught by Google.

One photo going viral from a Mexico beach is decidely intimate.

The image from popular Mexican beach Playa Palmares photographed a couple.

They were seen enjoying a very romantic day out on the sands.

The woman, meanwhile, is bending down to kiss the man.

She holds his face in both her hands as she leans down for the intimate move.

If indeed it is a marriage proposal the Google Maps viewer it witnessing, it would seem the woman has accepted.

Both the faces of the couple are blurred out in order to protect the privacy of the pair.