Power Book 2: Will Ghost St Patrick return in unexpected twist?

Even if Ghost hasn’t faked his own death and is really six feet under, there’s nothing to stop some sort of flashback from occurring.

The show has previously featured flashbacks and the final five episodes of Power were essentially a huge look back at the moments leading up to Ghost’s demise albeit from different perspectives.

There could also be a dream sequence which could allow Ghost to be briefly resurrected for the show.

Perhaps in a drug-addled state, Tariq could see his dead father coming back to haunt him in a Hamlet-esque manner.

Or Tasha could have dreams of her dead husband while in prison serving time for her son’s crime, which may have also been indirectly caused by her.

Clearly, there’s scope for Ghost to come back to the show is some way or other.

Power is available on the Starz app in the US and Netflix UK

source: express.co.uk