Liam Gallagher: Oasis hitmaker expresses coronavirus fears after 'scary' trip to France

Swedish star, Ulrika Jonsson, previously revealed her fears over the coronavirus when she was fraught with anxiety after her daughter, Bo, who was taken to hospital and tested for the virus.

The TV star revealed that Bo was suffering from flu-like symptoms and a painful chest, which she said was quite a scare considering her previous heart difficulties throughout her life.

Ulrika reassured her followers that Bo was fine, after she was given the all clear, and then praised her for being so brave.

She wrote to her followers on Instagram: “Wasn’t allowed to go to Dr’s. 111 sent an ambulance to get her (very calmly) and took her to A&E where Corona had to be ruled out in isolation and investigations pursued due to her cardiac defect.”

Ulrika then added: “She was ridiculously brave – despite the distress it was causing her. Finally given the all clear.”