Stormi Webster Wears More Adult-Sized Earrings And Carries A Purse In New Photos Kylie Jenner Shared — Too Grown Up?

Is Stormi Webster too grown up? Kylie Jenner has been under fire for dressing Stormi up older than her two-years and letting her wear adult-sized jewelry. Some say that Kylie is posing a safety hazard for the little girl she shares with Travis Scott, and after receiving backlash for letting her wear over-sized, gold and diamond hoop earrings, Kylie is back at it again. Kylie shared a slideshow of photos that show Stormi wearing long, dangling gold earrings in a triangular shape that has ignited controversy across social media platforms. As Stormi is surrounded by her toddler cousins, many are worried that Stormi is at risk for a child to rip the earrings out of her ears!

Kylie doesn’t seem to be worried about what other people think as she continues to let Kylie wear larger earrings, despite the backlash. While there are many people who praise Kylie’s recent photos of Stormi Webster, there are plenty of others who are “mom shaming” the 22-year-old who are saying she doesn’t have Stormi’s best interest at heart when letting her appear older than she is.

In the new photos that Kylie Jenner shared, Stormi Webster can be seen wearing a very stylish outfit. First, she is wearing a long sleeve, black shirt with red lettering on the sleeves and matching black sweatpants that also have red lettering from Chrome Hearts. The outfit retails for approximately $245.

The purse she is carrying is the blue, micro rhinestone bag from Alexander Wang NY and costs about $595. Kylie paired Stormi’s outfit with a pair of red, black, and white Nikes and the gold earrings.

You may see the photo slideshow below.

You may see past photos of Stormi Webster wearing the large gold hoop earrings, and a video clip of the two-year-old telling her mother, “No!” when Kylie asked if she could take them out.

It seems that Stormi Webster loves the large earrings as she continues to wear them.

What do you think about the controversy?


Would you let your two-year-old daughter wear earrings the same size as Stormi’s? Do you think Stormi is dressing too old for her age?

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