WARNING: The following article contains spoilers from the Love Is Blind finale.

The season finale of the Netflix hit show saw the five couples go ahead with their weddings to one another. After weeks of getting to know each other, it was time to decide if they wanted to say “I do”. What happened when the cameras stopped rolling after Mark and Jessica’s wedding?

Mark, 24, fell head over heels with Jessica, 34, almost instantly despite not being able to see each other in the pods they went into for their dates.

After getting engaged without seeing one another, Jessica revealed she had reservations over their age difference but Mark was certain they could make things work.

Jessica had also fallen for Matt Barnett, who got engaged to Amber Pike, during her time in the pods so wasn’t completely committed to Mark.

She went on to dramatically leave Mark at the altar when it came to their wedding day, leaving the fitness trainer devastated.

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Mark’s mum told him he would get over the heartbreak while Jessica ran off.

Now, speaking about what happened once the show came to an end, Mark has revealed he and Jessica haven’t spoken to one another.

He told The New York Post: “We haven’t talked since the wedding day.

““I reached out at some point — nothing bad, just to say, like, ‘Hey, I hope everything’s going well, I hope everything’s doing all right.’

“I really am thankful for Jess and everything that we went through, because she challenged me in a lot of different ways.”

Mark added he didn’t realise he had to be prepared to deal with the difference in age.

However, the experience has prepared him “mentally,” and is grateful to Jessica.

“I wouldn’t do anything different,” Mark continued.

“It taught me so many values in terms of how I want to be, in a relationship.”

Meanwhile, Jessica has revealed her biggest regret from the series as she admitted she wouldn’t give her dog wine again.

Jessica let her pet dog drink from her win glass as she chatted with Mark in her home.

She told Entertainment Weekly: “I definitely have never done that before; I won’t do that again.

“I love my dog more than anything and that was not something I would ever recommend anyone to do.”

Love Is Blind is available to stream on Netflix now.

source: express.co.uk


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