“Much of the wintery weather is confined to the west with further sleet and snow in many locations here. Much of the snow is accumulating amongst the highest hilltops but flurries to lower levels now and again.”

She added: “As temperatures fall across the board, frosty and icy. Close to freezing in urban spots and below freezing out in the countryside. Certainly a bitterly cold start to tomorrow morning.

“Further rain, sleet and snow throughout those western zones turning increasingly into ran across The Midlands and eastern England as those showers over there way across through the course of the day.

“The snow then becomes confined to western Scotland and parts of Northern Ireland. It flurries through the Welsh mountains but otherwise beautifully bright, clear and crisp. Plenty of sparkly, long awaited winter sunshine but staying so cold, particularly in that biting wind chill.”

source: express.co.uk


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