Price: $19.99
(as of Feb 25,2020 10:54:12 UTC – Details)

Experience a new off-road style while rallying a large selection of courses. There are gravel, mud, and dirt racing events that allow you to travel all over the world, which also include a Hill Climb and Rally Cross events. International competitions feature official cars and tracks based on real roads and locations. Beat-the-clock racing includes events with multiple cars on the track. The new physics and damage system brings an even greater challenge. Also included are modes that allow online competition.


  • Racing experiences include gravel, mud and dirt
  • Rally with 45 vehicles featuring 2WD, 4WD, Classic and RWD

Wide variety of off-road and rallying disciplines including Rally, Hill Climb, Rally RAID, Rally Cross & the CORR desert series
Photorealistic tracks painstakingly recreated from real-world location photography and satellite data
Incredibly detailed models of 46 licensed vehicles bring the action to life
Online play that allows 100 players to compete against one another
Stay in control or watch as your car dramatically crashes into a barrier and barrel-rolls, crushing every panel and spewing debris across the track


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