Dark Waters release date, cast, trailer, plot: When is Dark Waters out?

Dark Waters is the new movie from Todd Haynes, the famed director of works such as Carol and Wonderstruck. The film stars Mark Ruffalo as a lawyer who attempts to take down one of the biggest corporations in the world. Here is all there is to know about the film.

Who is in the cast of Dark Waters?

Mark Ruffalo plays the real life lawyer, Robert Bilott, who took on a huge company to try and stop the dumping of hazardous chemicals.

His wife, Sarah, is played by Anne Hathaway, while Tim Robbins plays Tom Terp, the supervising partner of his company.

Bill Camp plays Wilbur Tennant, a farmer who speaks to Bilott about his cattle, while Victor Garber plays Phil Donnelly, the counsel working for DuPont.

Mare Winningham plays Darlene Kiger, a woman whose husband worked as a chemist for DuPont, and Bill Pullman plays Harry Deitzler, while William Jackson Harper plays James Ross, colleagues of Bilott.

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What is Dark Waters about?

According to Entertainment One, the official distributors, the synopsis reads: “Inspired by a shocking true story, a tenacious attorney (Mark Ruffalo) uncovers a dark secret that connects a growing number of unexplained deaths due to one of the world’s largest corporations.

“In the process, he risks everything – his future, his family, and his own life – to expose the truth.”

The movie also takes the time to show people some of the dangers of chemical dumping, which Bilott has continued to fight against before writing his memoirs, Exposure, which details some of the case.

Bilott ends up helping this family friend, becoming very clear there is a pollutant in the water which is causing the deaths of his cattle.

Bilott tells his wife: “I’m seeing documents I don’t understand. They are hiding something.”

His colleague, James Ross, accuses him of being an “informant,” while the pressure on Bilott and his family is so strong he is even afraid to turn on the ignition in his car, for fear it has been rigged to explode.

Dark Waters is in cinemas on February 28

source: express.co.uk