Lotus Flower tiara: Art Deco diadem worn by Kate Middleton but hasn't been seen in 5 years

“The necklace was broken apart and redesigned with the Papyrus left motif instead. It has been described as an Egyptian revival piece, consisting of arches and pinnacles of diamonds and adorned with a natural pearl.

“In true Art Deco fashion, it was worn low on the forehead for many of the Queen Mothers’ portraits. As the trends changed, and so did the wearer, the Tiara was moved further back, and worn in the more usual position you see today.

“It was worn very often by Princess Margaret, Queen Elizabeth, Serena Stanhope and more recently, it has been seen on Kate Middleton.

“A historical and stylish piece such as this, would no doubt achieve in the regions of £4,000,000.”

source: express.co.uk