Apple’s new budget iPhone may launch soon and this is how it could look

March is just a few weeks away and that means it could be time for Apple to launch some shiny new devices. The US technology firm is renowned for holding one of its major keynotes in the spring and there’s plenty to suggest that 2020 will be no different.

In fact, a report from German website is speculating that Tuesday, March 31 will be the date Apple fans will want to pop in their diaries. That’s clearly not far away but what will Apple actually unveil at this rumoured event?

Of course, the US firm never reveals anything ahead of time but many are expecting an update to the hugely popular iPhone SE to be released.

This cheaper call maker hasn’t been updated in years and many will be hoping that a lower-priced iPhone will finally return to stores.

Apple’s current range of new smartphones start from a pretty hefty £729 so a budget model will surely be welcomed by those who can’t stretch to an iPhone 11 or ultimate iPhone 11 Pro.

It’s unclear exactly what upgrades could be coming to this device but some new pictures, originally posted online by Totallee, may give us a very good idea.

The online store was claiming to be stocking cases for an upcoming iPhone SE 2 with images, that have since been removed from its site, clearly showing a device that looks very similar to the iPhone 8.

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If true, it means Apple could opt for a single rear camera on the back rather than the dual-lens snapper that now features on its latest and greatest handsets.

Another thing you’ll be unlikely to find is the Face ID scanner as it seems the iPhone SE 2 will get the original a Touch ID fingerprint scanner placed on the front.

This means owners could miss out on the all-screen experience now found on the latest flagship models but that might not be a concern if the price is right.

Although these latest photos should be taken with a large pinch of salt, they do tally with what many others have been saying about this new smartphone.

The only sight discrepancy is the name of this device with speculation that Apple might opt for iPhone 9 branding rather than the iPhone SE 2.

This would make some sense as the firm skipped straight from the iPhone 8 to the iPhone X, meaning the iPhone 9 was never released.

We’ll have to wait and see exactly if and when Apple holds its next big keynote but, if these latest rumours are true, fans may not have long left before they may get a cheaper way of owning a new iPhone.