The incident took place at 11.30 am in Mangalore near Melbourne, one of the planes was carrying a trainee pilot and an instructor who had taken off from Mangalore airfield shortly before the collision at around 11.25 am

The other aircraft had taken off from a different airport, Victoria Police Inspector Peter Koger said.

The second craft appears to have taken off at nearby Mangalore airfield, which is a flight training facility.

“We’re not sure why both aircraft were on the same trajectory or why they were in that area, but unfortunately they’ve collided mid-air,”

Inspector Koger described how one of the planes crashed immediately after the collision, while the other continued for some distance before crashing.

According to Mr Koger, both had been “extensively damaged” before they hit the ground.

One plane crashed near a woolshed and the other in bush.

“It is believed two aircraft have collided mid-air before crashing,” Victoria Police said in a statement. “Two occupants in each aircraft have died at the scenes.”

All four people are yet to be formally identified.

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Crash investigators from Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane are being deployed to the scene.

The investigators, from the Australian Transport Safety Bureau, will examine the wreckage, all recorded flight data and any weather conditions that may have affected flying conditions.

The ATSB is appealing for any witnesses who saw the planes in flight or who have dash-cam footage to contact authorities.

CASA and the Australian Transport Safety Bureau have been notified.



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