This creamy Tuscan chicken dinner is the cure for the Sunday blues

This is Sunday Suppers, a weekly menu of comfort food favorites meant to be lingered over — with the goal of helping you and your family relax and reconnect.

Even the most positive people can experience a little bit of a droop on Sundays looking ahead at an early wake up alarm and a busy week. It’s called the Sunday blues for a reason. That’s one of the central reasons to make a nice dinner on Sunday a thing. I know for us, every time we sit down together, even though it takes a bit of timing and effort to lasso the gang together, it’s just worth it.

And I always learn something from everyone around the table. That extra time sitting and facing each other (no electronics allowed!) yields dividends. It turns me asking “what’s going on for you this week?” and getting the answer “not much” into “yeah, well there’s this paper due, and I was going to write it about this one poem, but now I think I want to write it about this other poem…”.

Are we solving the world’s problems? No way, but I get up from the table knowing something more about the people I shared a meal with than I did before dinner, even if it’s what they had for lunch that day, or that there was a lively school assembly with a World War II vet (it sounded very … lively). And I hope my family feels heard, because in our busy, multitasking lives, I might be half listening to something while I unpack groceries, or fill out a permission slip. But on Sundays, I try to shut out the noise, even for a short time, over something delicious.

Cheyenne M Cohen

Speaking of delicious, this is one of the best chicken dishes I have made in a while. It also might be one of the prettiest. We’ll have to throw our thanks for all of the above to a bit of cream, cherry tomatoes, spinach and fresh herbs. When in doubt, these are ingredients to turn to for color, freshness, flavor and lushness. Or when you want to pretend that you are in Tuscany (or Umbria, or somewhere else in Italy that’s really, really good). Serve this over the pasta or starch of your choice — rice, quinoa or polenta would also be great.

This is one of my go-to salads. The ribbons of very thinly sliced kale soften slightly in the tart, citrusy dressing which make them so much easier to fork up and eat, and the romaine provides a clean crunch. The perfect counterpoint to the lush chicken entrée.

Cheyenne M Cohen

I’m a big fan of a dessert that can double as a snack later in the week. These super easy to make oatmeal squares filled with raspberry jam (or whatever flavor speaks to you!) are so happy-making. And in the following days being able to cut yourself a little chunk when you need a treat or a pick-me-up is just the nicest thing. A great way to use up that jar of preserves that you picked up at the farmers’ market, or that a houseguest gifted you.

Happy Sunday!


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