Ever since Joe Giudice was released from the ICE custody and allowed to live in Italy, his daughters have already visited him there twice, once even being on Christmas, which means that they got to spend the holiday together after so many years! So it makes sense that fans have been wondering when the four girls will be seeing their dad again.

As it turns out, however, there are no plans to do that in the near future and one insider report claims to also know the reasons why!

It’s not like the daughters wouldn’t want to see their father, Joe, because they would love nothing more, but the main thing that doesn’t let them is school and their schedules!

The source tells HollywoodLife that ‘Joe and Teresa remain in a good place and are communicating constantly about the girls. The girls will absolutely visit Joe again soon but nothing is planned as of yet because of so many different school schedules, so it’s a matter of timing. The older ones can travel alone but someone needs to go with the younger ones so it’s all being figured out but everyone’s hoping it’ll happen sooner than later.’

The Giudices have officially split after two decades of being married as Joe awaits a decision in his deportation case in his native country.

Teresa revealed not too long ago that in the past, Joe cheated on her but nowadays, they remain civil for the sake of the kids.

As for how the daughters reacted to the split, it turns out that they are Okay with it and understand the situation very well.


‘Teresa and Joe’s girls understand their parents are moving on. They understand their parents aren’t together and just want them to be happy. They can see they’ve both found some peace and happiness in all of this,’ the insider dished.

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source: celebrityinsider.org


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