Bluetooth Joystick

The satisfaction of using a joystick to move your character or fire a gun is precious.

You really cannot get that same experience out of the touchscreen.

The Leoie Wireless Bluetooth priced at Rs 1,403 and SAMEO SG27 Wireless Gaming Controller priced at Rs 2,825 seem like a decent option.

The SAMEO SG27 Wireless Gaming Controller is even better since it let’s you mount your smartphone on a stand, which can be placed anywhere.

Mobile Phone Triggers

If you are not willing to invest on a game controller then you can go for a mobile phone trigger.

This accessory seems to have been designed with PUBG Mobile in mind.

Mobile Gaming Handle + Trigger Combo

If you want the best of both worlds then you will like this accessory.

A mobile handle or grip will serve as a step up from your current gaming setup.

It will provide extra grip and will transform your smartphone into a gaming controller with a screen.

Touchscreen Game Joystick

There are also new touch screen joysticks available for smartphones in the market.

We are yet to see them in real life but they sound like an interesting concept.

Bluetooth Gaming Keyboard

The biggest step up for a PUBG Mobile gamer would be to get a Bluetooth Gaming Keyboard.

These are available starting from Rs 5,000 online.


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