Our poll revealed that 69 per cent of people are less likely to travel abroad due to coronavirus, which has killed 1,400 people and affected 50,000 people across the globe. Only 29 per cent of people said in the poll they will not let the killer virus affect their holiday plans.

The poll was taken by 2,218 people, with 1,509 confirming they would be less likely to travel abroad due to the virus.

Holidaymakers have already been affected by the disease in certain locations.

Several major airlines, including British Airways, have cancelled all their flights to China until April.

A Japanese cruise ship has been left quarantined at a Yokohama Port after 218 people, including three Britons, were struck down with the virus.

The Foreign Office has warned against all travel to the Hubei Province and “all but essential” travel to mainland China.

As the outbreak continues to grow, companies including Apple and Starbucks have ceased to operate in China and Sony and Amazon have pulled out of global trade shows.

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source: express.co.uk


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