Weight loss diet: Can this easy plan help you burn fat fast? Important rule to follow

With winter coming to an end, some dieters will be thinking about getting into shape for the warmer months. Weight loss can be achieved by following a healthy diet plan and exercising regularly. Following a Calories In Calories Out (CICO) plan can help dieters shed the pounds.

Most people will want to trim a particular body part, such as toning their stomach.

Diet and exercise both play an important part when trying to burn belly fat.

Those hoping to slim should focus on exactly how many calories they are eating, Harry Smith, PT at Snap Fitness Bishop’s Stortford and MNU Certified Nutritionist, said.

“There is no best diet for weight loss,” he told Express.co.uk. “Just best principles that suit the individual person.

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“As a generalisation, these principles will need to be in place in order for a person to lose weight effectively.

“Firstly, a caloric deficit. You need to be consuming less calories than you expend.

“The best way to know this is to eat based on the below principles and monitor your body weight weekly as well as tape measurements, if they’re decreasing you’re in a caloric deficit.

“Also, you need to be able to stick with the diet for the long term.”


Creating a calorie deficit is method of slimming also known as the CICO diet.

To follow a CICO plan, dieters must track how many calories they are eating in a day.

They should also be mindful of how many calories they burn off when exercising.

By doing this, dieters can work out how many calories they are consuming to ensure they are in a deficit.

If in a calorie deficit, those trying to shape up can be more flexible with what they eat than other diet plans may allow.

Harry added: “All foods can be consumed when trying to slim down.

“There are no fattening foods. All my clients enjoy all their favourite foods like chocolate and beer when they lose weight.

“Obviously this is in some moderation, but you can still eat and drink your favourite foods and lose weight so long as you are consistently in a caloric deficit.”

To speed up fat loss results, slimmers can focus on eating unprocessed foods that are high in protein.

“I’d advise you consume mostly high protein foods from dairy, fish and meat sources,” Harry said.

“Also, whole non-processed foods like fruits, vegetables, grains and legumes.”

source: express.co.uk