“A high-fidelity OLED display that provides clean cut information around button assignments as well as the ability to save and choose button presets to fit any gaming situation.

“Compete at your best while experiencing games with crystal clear communication with friends and teammates through the headset pass through.”

Ahead of the release of the PS4 Back Button reviews have already given a verdict on what PlayStation fans can expect on it.

Here are the critics’ verdict on the PS4 Back Button…

IGN: “Whether the Back Button Attachment is a sign of a PS5 future to come, or just a neat, additional offering from Sony, I’m very glad to have it.

“Its arrival may be as odd as first trying to plug in the attachment, but after a few days playing with it, it already feels like an integral part of my PlayStation playtime. And if it’s here to stay, I’d welcome a world where it’s built into the controller.”

source: express.co.uk


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