While on Jimmy Kimmel, Katy Perry revealed that her American Idol co-judges, Luke Bryan and Lionel Richie, are not invited to her wedding! However, that is not all! What made the moment even more awkward was the fact that they were also there when she said it!

The audience of Jimmy Kimmel’s talk show got a massive dose of cringe during the newest episode when Katy awkwardly confessed her two co-workers are not welcome to her upcoming wedding with Orlando Bloom – right in front of them!

It all started with the host simply wondering if her fellow Idol judges were invited to the nuptials, prompting Katy to reply that: ‘I can’t afford them.’

She went on to explain that ‘I call myself a ‘bride-chilla.’ I’m kinda chill. But I am one of those girls where I got engaged February 14 and I booked the place February 19. I took it very seriously.’

Kimmel pressed further, asking the singer if Lionel and Luke would maybe perform on her special day as the musical guests.

However, he got the same response: ‘Like I said, I can’t afford them! Look, they have a lot of work to do while I’m out getting married again.’

She then awkwardly added while the three were all sitting on the late night show’s couch that ‘It’s gonna be a small wedding!’

Luke tried to make the situation less uncomfortable by joking that: ‘Lionel and I, we’ve been dropping hints and this solidified [it].’

That’s when Jimmy hammered the last nail in the coffin: ‘You don’t need to drop any more. You’re not invited.’

‘Let’s just say they’re on the B-list,’ Katy added.

During that same interview, she jokingly asked Lionel if he would like to officiate her wedding before adding: ‘Just kidding.’


‘The reason I don’t think she needs me there is you only need one preacher, you can’t have two.’ Lionel replied, with Katy then explaining that her father is a preacher.

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