Apex Legends Crossplay: Does Apex Legends have crossplay plans for Season 4?

With Apex Legends Season 4 comes a renewed interest in the hit Battle Royale shooter from Respawn Entertainment. Now a year old, the shooter has carved out a niche for itself and has a dedicated fanbase backing its success. But there are still key features missing that gamers want to see made available on PS4, Xbox One and PC.


Apex Legends Crossplay is a much-wanted feature that gamers already enjoy on a number of other games.

Fortnite led the charge for the feature to be made available on all platforms and also includes full cross-platform support.

Other games that take full advantage of cross-play features include popular titles like Rocket League and Dauntless.

So when is Apex Legends Crossplay being released and will it be during Season 4?

For now, developers Respawn are staying quiet about its plans for a crossplay launch on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

But the good news is that it hasn’t been ruled out since it was first announced in 2019.


Apex Legends Season 4 is set to last over the coming months and will be the main focal point for Battle Pass content and events.

So there’s a good chance that Crossplay could arrive during its run in 2020. There’s no guarantee of that happening but there’s also nothing ruling it out.

During a recent EA earning call, no mention of Cross-play was made when talking about Apex Legends.

However, EA is excited about the game and supporting it further into the future, with Blake Jorgensen adding:

“The team has done an amazing job of continuing to innovate and add content and also leverage an incredibly engaged audience to try to feed them and give them things that they wanted to continue to play in the game.”

What’s more, Apex Legends is coming to Mobile and development continues on that version of the game.

So there is a chance of something big being announced during 2020, even if it doesn’t happen during Season 4.

“It’s nearly one year since we took the industry by storm with Apex Legends, and the strength and opportunity of this IP and live service continue to grow,” EA’s Andrew Wilson as quoted by Motley Fool.

“Apex is an outstanding example of the innovation across our portfolio. Seasons of new content are coming at a regular cadence for the growing global community.

“Season Three was bigger than Season Two with higher peaks in daily active users. Within those seasons, in-game events are engaging players with content and challenges that show the imagination and creativity that we are continually pouring into the experience.

“We’re also expanding the Apex universe with more ways to play and watch. We have plans to reach more platforms in FY ’21, and there’s a lot of excitement in the esports community for the Apex Legends Global Series that is now under way.

“We’re pleased to have Lenovo as an official sponsor for Apex competitive gaming, joining Gillette, Snickers, Pizza Hut and other major brands and broadcast networks partnering with us on our esports portfolio.”

source: express.co.uk